Who’s That Girl?

The art: My art is an outer manifestation based on the inner experiences caused by exterior events. In other words, it is a response to what I see. I believe our purest magic is in connecting with ourselves and with nature as authentically as possible. Born into this passion, I seek magic as purpose of life, and it is my intention to live a life full of purpose. I do this through painting, drawing, singing, and even in my work translating English, Spanish and French. I also find myself in a day and age where it is imperative to Resist the normalizing of the emotional turmoil that certain governments would like to put their citizens through. My art also adds to the voice of resistance, by speaking of radical self-love, and accessing the knowledge we have within ourselves.

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The Artist: 30-something, friends call me by different names because the original is hard to pronounce, which I find an appropriate introduction to who I am. I am a Colombian-born internationally-bred multicultural breed but consider myself mostly culturally Latina. I have resided mostly in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the past 10 years but have spent my life on the move. My work has been featured in La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Barcelona, and New York. For a sample of some of my paintings scroll down to my portfolio. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the little splash of the color Maëlle, and that you will think to stop by again. Don’t forget to write! -xoM


Past Expositions:

La Bodeguita Latina – Bordeaux, France
Bar Aion – La Rochelle, France
Bar La Maison – Gothic Quarter, Barcelona
La Fianna Restaurant – Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Paintings currently being sold at:
Art by Art
Relox 104
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

the universe took its time on you
crafted you precisely
so you could offer the world
something distinct from everyone else
so when you doubt
how you were created
you doubt an energy greater than us both
-rupi kaur